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Luisa Zissman and Anna Williamson met in 2016 whilst appearing on Channel 5's hugely popular show Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on The Side. Both heavily pregnant and due within weeks of each other, and the discovery that they lived near eachother, (as well as the two babies) a fledgling friendship was born.


The Yin to each other's Yang, famously successful businesswoman Luisa (BBC1's The Apprentice) is known for her no nonsense views and sheer balls to go where many are too 'snowflake' to go, with acclaimed author and Life Coach Anna (E4s Celebs Go Dating) often the peace keeper of the duo. 


After Luisa appeared as a guest on Anna's 'other' podcast, a chemistry and passion for both talking and sparring openly and honestly with eachother, with tongues often firmly in cheek and with a huge dose of humour and mutual respect for each other thrown in, the idea for a podcast was born.


Reaching the iTunes Number 1 spot on the first day of release, Luisa and Anna have already earned The British Podcast Awards Top 10 status alongside That Peter Crouch Podcast and My Dad Wrote a Porno award winners, and amassed over millions of listeners with their weekly dose of 'Chats, Flaps, Bants' - topical debate, 'vag chat', and a right old laugh (usually at themselves).

In 2019 the girls created a live show with features taken from their podcast to take on tour, unfortunately with Covid this was pushed back by two years. But in 2022 the girls were able to hit the road and took their show across the whole of the UK, selling out all 15 dates! The girls decided to do one big finale at the end of 2022 at The London Palladium with a new show LuAnna: The Big Night Out which sold out in just a few hours. So upon request the girls have released another 4 dates in 2023 for the same show at the London Palladium and Manchester Opera House. 


So what are you waiting for?  Get your mates together, grab a few glasses of fizz, and join the girls for a night that will have you wetting your knickers for weeks to come!

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