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The undisputed stand out star of BBC1’s The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother, Luisa Zissman has been a familiar (and often controversial) figure on TV and social media for the best part of a decade.


A hugely successful business woman and entrepreneur in her own right (at one point running three business with a turnover of £3m!), Luisa is also perhaps best known for her authentic, often controversial, and upfront opinions ensuring her a ‘go to’ booking and voice for all the major TV shows such as ITV’s Good Morning Britain and This Morning.  She is also a regular on Radio 5 Live The Sarah Brett Show.


Luisa might be a hurricane and divide opinion, but she’s a family woman and philanthropist at heart, and with a social media following over 500k she is certainly doing something right!


A keen equestrian and a reputation for being ‘totally extra’, Luisa lives in Hertfordshire with her husband Andrew and 3 daughters (and her ever supportive parents). When she’s not running around after her kids, she can often be found planning her next extravagant social function.


Anna has been on the TV and radio for over 20 years, starting out as a Kids presenter, she has gone on to host shows such as Talk Radio, E4's Celebs Go Dating and Channel 4's Save Well Spend Better.  She was also in a particularly cringey 90's girlband called Blush (google it!). 

An accredited Life Coach, Counsellor and Master NLP Practitioner Anna has enjoyed success with her books Breaking Mad, Breaking Mum and Dad, and How Not To Lose it, and her British Podcast nominated Breaking Mum and Dad podcast.

Anna might be a pussycat but there's a tiger in waiting ready to pounce when things get lively, and a habit of 'sharing out loud' when it comes to her private life has earned her a reputation of being no holes barred when it comes to wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Mum of two and wife to Alex, Anna lives in rural Hertfordshire where she can often be seen trussed up in wellies and anorak enjoying country bumpkin life.



From the day I met Anna, she was instantly likeable.  She’s got an infectious laugh and although often she does show some snowflake tendancies, she is my ‘go to’ girl for banter and proper piss taking gossip.

After having my last baby I was desperate to get my teeth stuck in to a new work project, and I couldn’t think of anyone else I wanted to launch a new podcast with other than Anna. 

The past year of doing our podcast has been the ultimate therapy of laughter, proper proper belly aching, pant wetting laughter!  Not only have we created a chart smashing no 1 podcast, but personally I really have found a kindred spirit and lifelong friend.

Anna’s a breath of fresh air to me, someone that gets my ridiculously sarcastic personality, gives as good as she gets, is never offended and doesn’t take life too seriously at all.  In a world of the constant offended, we need more Anna’s.


'OMG you're massive' were the first ever delightful words uttered by Luisa to me in the Big Brother green room.  We were both heavily pregnant and the sheer joy, with a twinkle in her eye, she took in comparing her minute bump to my whale-esq beach ball made me laugh out loud.  I love a ballsy woman who's not afraid to have a good humoured mickey's something I value the most about our friendship, our ability to poke fun at eachother with a cast iron respect and love always.  Unusually in this day and age too we both rarely get offended - which is the secret of our duo.

When Luisa came up with the idea of Loose Lips, a chance for her to rant uncensored, I was honoured  to be asked to join her as her sounding board, and intrigued to see how it might go down.  We never intended it to be funny, and certainly 'vag and poo chat' wasn't part of the original plan haha, but I am beyond proud of what we have created together over the past year as it's evolved with the help of our incredible listeners and fans.

Lu is gobby, gives zero shits, and is a force to be reckoned with.  She's also funny, inspiring, and one of the kindest people I know.  She's also not afraid to take the mick out of herself and to admit if she's wrong - in my books that's class.  You also know you've found a friend for life when they laugh at your farts as much as you do, and I love that we both just 'get' eachother.

LuAnna is one of my proudest achievements to date and I'm so excited to see what we have in store next - not just as pals but as work buddies too.

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