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Join Luisa Zissman and Anna Williamson for their no holds barred rants, chats & bants on the topical stories of the week, plus catch up with all of their latest antics. You can find their podcast here:







OK! Online

Luisa and Anna are not afraid to speak about anything and everything, and it’s this pure honesty that both we and our readers love. From listeners’ ‘Is It Weird?’ to ‘Luisa’s Rant of The Week’, we just can’t get enough!

New! Magazine

“LuAnna the Podcast is like sitting down with your friends to talk about the things that make you laugh and cry. It’s so refreshing to listen to a podcast that talks about real issues- without filters. Anna and Luisa are hilarious and say the things we all wish we had the guts to say out loud. It’s a breath of fresh air and never fails to shock and amuse me.”

The Sun

"I always love listening to the LuAnna podcast for a bit of a giggle with the girls and agree (and sometimes disagree) with the ladies' opinions on a wide variety of topics, from the snowflake generation to sneakily hiding our phones in our bras!" 

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